The Cork Autism Conference is taking place on Sunday September 

22nd in the Clayton Hotel Silversprings, Cork to offer Tools, Interventions and Skills to Professionals, Parents and Families to best Support and Empower Autistic Children and Adults. 

Some of this year’s speakers include:

More speakers can be found our website.

At this conference you will learn: 

✓ Practical Strategies for recognising anxiety and stress in autistic people and make Positive Interventions  

✓ How your own outlook on autism and an individual’s difference – can affect a Person’s Happiness

✓ How to use the Strengths of the autistic person to help him or her Communicate Effectively

✓ How Drama and the Arts can support the necessary development of Social Skills for autistic people

✓ How to support autistic children and adults with Social Communication Difficulties and Behaviour which challenge

✓ To Understand the Challenges and Strengths of autistic people and how they impact on their Life Experiences

* This event is CPD Certified for Professionals 

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Prof. Emer Ring, Dean of Education, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

“The Cork Autism Conference was the best conference I attended in the area of autism for a very long time. I gained a more in depth understanding of the challenges families and children with autism face and the possibilities there are to turn these challenges into the opportunities and make society a more enriched, inclusive, diverse and equitable place to live. 

The Conference provided me with a much-needed opportunity to gain insights, wisdom and tools that will make the lives of those with autism and their families so much better. The solution-focused approach and celebration of autism as a difference that enriches all of our lives, is the reason I am returning again this year”