Declan Clancy to shave head live on TV3’s Ireland AM in memory of his sister Louise

Written by Declan Clancy


At the tender age of 16 my sister Louise wrote a bucket list of all the things she wanted to accomplish in life. Some big, some small, some funny, some off the wall but most importantly all those 39 goals meant something to her. I discovered this list in the days after losing Lou and Mam in a car crash just a kilometer from our family home around Christmas time. I was looking through some notepads in Lou’s room and the first thing that struck me that day was how selfless the list was. Teaching someone to read, volunteering in a soup kitchen and be someones mentor were just some of the things Louise set out to achieve. Even at the young age of 22 Louise still managed to accomplish 29 of the goals on her list. As Louise was a budding journalist I thought the best way to commemorate her was to write a blog which you can read HERE documenting me finishing off the list in her honour.

One of the goals on the list was to shave her head for charity. As Louise was involved in the Cork Association for Autism (CAA)’s ASPECT service, and even gave presentations to parents of teens and young adults with Autism, the CAA seemed to a fitting charity of choice to complete the shave for.   So, on Tuesday the 28th of February I will go live on air of TV3’s Ireland AM and have my head shaved by a representative of the CAA.  I will also be talking about Louise’s bucket list and what it has achieved so far. I hope you can all tune in on Tuesday morning.  I have also set up an idonate link where people can sponsor the headshave online  HERE or you can donate €4 simply by texting CAA to 50300. 


Declans headshave    

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